Бизнес задачи
Социальная польза
Бизнес задачи
Социальная польза
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Effective territorial development on key indicators, increasing the residents' level and quality of life, landscaping, environmental programs, solving socio-economic tasks
Transforming a team into a consolidated community, building a corporate culture of mutual assistance, improving the team's motivation for actions beneficial both for the organization and the team itself
Social entities can express their appreciation to volunteers for their contribution and reward them with gifts from sponsors and social companies' associates. In doing so, each volunteer's contribution will be considered and redeemed
MERITBOOK is a benefit actions tracking service that motivates residents' useful contributions and makes the latter rewarding through supplying every contributor with necessary rewards. With MERITBOOK, benefit actions not only become generally recognized but also acquire financial benefits and legal preferences. 'The more you do for the society, the more you get for yourselves' is the main thesis of the project. We seamlessly bring together the capacity of citizens, entrepreneurs, commercial and non-commercial organizations as well as states. By aggregating their resources, tasks and benefit actions, we build up a constructive mechanism for activity and mutual help.

MERIT BOOK is a new, sound and convenient way to prevent and solve problems, set up a new environment for those aspiring to the era of welfare and creative work, mutual human appreciation and respect.

Technological product
A useful action accounting service intended to motivate and reward initiators and participants
Information support, legal opportunities, goods, services, unique prices, government benefits, financial remuneration, grants, recruiting like-minded individuals
Service-for-service marketplace

A marketplace of goods and services exchangeable among the system's users without conventional money involved
Social technology Merit economy

It brings together various social initiatives and groups around positive community activities, mutual appreciation and respect among individuals
Creating an opportunity of mutually beneficial interactions and sharing of what is at everyone's disposal (skills, time, things) for general public
Obtaining goods and services free of charge. Selling those goods and services that are not easy to sell for money. Cost reduction.
Taking ownership of their own future. Overcoming social imbalances, bridging gaps in the level of life
Recognition of social activities
Reducing poverty and bridging the gap in living standards of rich and poor
Psychological comfort of being not alone. Feeling of attention and their own usefulness
Bringing connectivity among different generations and social groups
Loyalty program for companies' employees and customers. Solving organizations' social tasks. MERIT bonus awards scheme for employees
Attracting a new audience to the company and products. Access to favourable conditions, prices, resources and development
Increasing loyalty to the company among residents. Associating with good and beneficial deeds. Participating in the program falls on CSR.
Engaging general public in solving urban challenges (urban environment, environmental programs, youth participation, blood donation actions, and the like)
Increasing the level and quality of life for retired citizens. Developing a set of bonuses for socially responsible residents and organizations.
Digitalizing social activism. Social impact accounting.
Emergence of common goals among business, residents, retired citizens and Administration, in regard to each participant's interests
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