MERITBOOK is a service that provide preferential or free access to material resources
to those who bring social benefits

Recognition of social initiatives + improving the quality of life and expanding the range of consumed goods and services
Recognition of social affairs and an increase in their effectiveness. Search for projects to participate, like-minded people. Access to resources. Getting free products and services. Selling those things and services that are difficult or impossible to sell for money
Solving business tasks + public benefit

Attracting customers to the goods and services of the company. Lower purchase prices and reduced costs. Reducing the cost of PR, marketing and GR due to involvement in the promotion of public works. Employee bonus system and gamification of their activities
MERITBOOK transforms social problems into a source of economic and social growth

Involving citizens in urban improvement and solving other social problems, reducing poverty, raising the level and quality of life of pensioners, increasing the GDP of territories, increasing the purchasing power of the population, increasing the competitiveness of small businesses
We combine business, government, non-profit sector and society into a united ecosystem, where the realization of socio-economic tasks and mutual aid brings direct benefits to each participant and therefore the interests of all social groups are the same. The social passport of individuals and legal entities keeps records of socially useful actions that open access to material resources (goods and services from individuals and legal entities, discounts in stores, as well as privileges and incentives from the state). The project was tested in a city with a population of 30,000 people, the increase of social activity for the year was 500%, which is 15% of the total population (compared with the maximum indicator in the country of 3%)